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ONL Learning Subscription

Make a strategic investment in your organization's goals, your team, and your success through exceptional professional learning along with cross-organization collaboration and community

Facing tightening budgets and a competitive hiring market, healthcare organizations need to think even more strategically about retaining staff, building an engaged and resilient nursing workforce, and preempting burnout. Providing nurse leaders training and support that helps them succeed in their roles can help your organization achieve its goals. 

ONL’s Learning Subscription supports organizations in making a strategic investment in their team, their goals, and their success through exceptional professional learning along with cross-organization collaboration and community.

ONL Learning Subscription FlyerONL Learning Subscription participating organizations commit in advance to an annual spending amount for ONL’s educational programs and membership in order to benefit from cost savings, time savings, and unparalleled professional development programming. Participating organizations can then be intentional and strategic about immersing their nurse leaders in rich leadership content throughout the year that strengthens their leadership practice and helps them build and maintain strong teams.

Our subscription augments and complements your internal professional development opportunities while seamlessly integrating and easing the administrative burden of coordinating professional learning for your team.

With a proven track record in developing nurse leaders for more than 40 years, ONL is uniquely positioned to serve as a partner to your organization in delivering exceptional professional learning for your team.

How It Works

  • Organizations subscribe in advance to ONL programming - minimum organizational commitment of $10,000 per year
  • Participating organizations receive a discount of 10% on all ONL program fees for their entire team and a group membership discount with our Buy 5, Get 1 Free option - a 17% discount.
  • Participating organizations' team members access ONL Membership and professional learning programs with distinguished faculty and are signed up through a designated contact at the organization
  • Individuals' discounted registration fees are applied against the subscription amount, and the organization receives quarterly updates on the remaining balance your organization has available, participants and programs to date, and upcoming ONL programs available for enrollment

Why Your Organization Should Enroll

  • Complement your internal professional development and enable your nurse leaders meet their professional goals and succeed in their roles through timely, targeted professional learning with our distinguished faculty and ONL membership that supports their leadership development
  • Save administrative hassle, time, and money while investing in quality professional learning for your team
  • Help your team members grow beyond the walls of your organization by connecting with fellow leaders from organizations across the region to share ideas and lessons learned
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your organizational values and show your team they are valued by prioritizing development and growth for your nurse leaders

For more information, download the ONL Learning Subscription Agreement Form.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which ONL programs are included in the ONL Learning Subscription?
    All ONL Professional Learning programs are eligible, as is ONL Membership. Your organization may use your ONL Learning Subscription funds to enroll team members in any of our programs and to connect your staff with all that ONL Membership has to offer. Check out our Upcoming Programs to see what's in the pipeline!
  • How can my team members sign up for programs and make use of our ONL Learning Subscription?
    Upon enrollment, you'll designate a point person within your organization who will coordinate directly with ONL to sign up your team members for our programs. This way, we can ensure that only approved enrollments are applied toward your ONL Learning Subscription balance.
  • How can I find out my remaining organizational balance for the ONL Learning Subscription?
    The ONL team will provide quarterly updates on your organization's ONL Learning Subscription balance and can help you plan for enrolling your team in upcoming programs.
  • What happens if my organization does not make use of the full subscription amount within the one-year term?
    If your organization does not make full use of the subscription fee within the initial term, we will happily roll your remaining balance over into the next term.
  • Can my organization adjust our subscription level each year?
    Yes, participating organizations may adjust the level at which they subscribe each year.


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