ONL Annual Meeting

June 17th via Zoom


Great leadership practice stems from curiosity and connectivity.

Join us for the ONL Annual Meeting to catch up on ONL happenings, hear from thought leaders, and connect with colleagues. We all need days to refresh and replenish, and we hope you choose to spend the day with us.

One thing that we know nurse leaders need after the past year is time together. Time with other great leaders, time for professional development, and time that is not driven by a to-do list. We hope you will join us for the 2021 ONL Annual Meeting. The meeting will take place on Zoom on Thursday, June 17th. We have two incredible speakers joining us for the day. Advancing ONL's work around diversity, inclusivity and social justice, we are pleased to welcome Normella Walker, the director of diversity and inclusion at Brigham and Woman's hospital who will present an interactive dialogue- Navigating and Cultivating a Culture of Inclusive Excellence. The afternoon will be spent with internationally known poet, writer and speaker David Whyte who has worked with many organizations focusing on the conversational nature of working and living together. By weaving poetry, story and commentary into a moving experience his talk will help us reflect on healing, mindfulness, and how we create environments that support engaging conversations.

In addition to an amazing day of professional development, we will welcome ONL's new President, Justin Drew, provide updates at the business meetings, and provide time to connect with venders. We hope that you will join us for ONL's Annual Meeting, June 17th, 2021.



Normella Walker - speaker at ONL Annual Meeting 2021


Normella Walker has BA in Organizational Performance and Leadership, a MA in Psychology with a Specialization in Diversity Management, as well as Diversity Certifications from Cornell and Yale. She is currently serving as the Executive Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, at Brigham and Women's Hospital.


Understanding, Navigating and Cultivating a Culture of Inclusive Excellence

Cultivating a culture of inclusion within organizations is of paramount importance for patients, families, staff and the community, particularly in today’s world.  The journey to inclusive excellence can be a complex undertaking and requires understanding the internal and external landscape as well as a commitment to the journey and a willingness to undertake essential conversations.  Normella Walker will explore what steps in the journey lead to a culture of inclusive excellence and provide strategies for minimizing barriers along the way.

Leaders often have an overly simplistic view of what is required to achieve sustained diversity, equity and inclusivity, often applying technical strategies to a situation which requires a set of adaptive behaviors. During this session participants will gain a greater understanding and awareness of the specific skills, attitudes and behaviors required to create a more diverse and equitable organizational culture.


•    Discuss seeing diversity through the lens of organizational change
•    Discuss group dynamics and cultivating safety and belonging in organizations
•    Identify ways to transform conflict and lead better in our diverse world



David Whyte is a speaker at the ONL Annual Meeting 2021


David Whyte is an internationally renowned poet and author, and a scintillating and moving speaker. Behind these talents lies a very physical attempt to give voice to the wellsprings of human identity, human striving, and, most difficult of all, the possibilities for human happiness. His previous speaking engagements with AONL and ONL brought rave reviews and requests for a return engagement.


Half A Shade Braver: The Foundations of Conversational Leadership

We commit to others and to a direction we wish to take most effectively through making three invitations: firstly, by identifying the horizon to which we wish to go, secondly, by articulating the ground on which we now stand and lastly, by asking others to join us in the endeavor of getting from here to there. David looks at seven crucial thresholds that deepen conversations and shape a more conversational, invitational identity.

After this presentation participants will be able to:

•   Identify several crucial thresholds that deepen conversations



8:30 - 8:45 Business Meeting

9:45 - 10:15 Break / Vendors

10:15 - 12:00 Normella Walker

12:00 - 12:45  Lunch / Vendors

12:45 - 2:00 David Whyte

2:00 - 2:15 Closing remarks

Virtual Meeting

via Zoom

June 17th, 2021



Registration: $176

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 Attendees will be eligible for 3.0 Contact Hours.



A special Thank You to our Vendors for the 2021 Annual Meeting

 Abbott Nutrition is a sponsor of the ONL Annual Meeting 2021 

Abbott Nutrition

Proper nutrition is the foundation for healthy lives, which is why we at Abbott Nutrition have been developing science-based nutrition products for over 90 years. Please join us in the Abbott Nutrition “booth” for additional information on specialized nutrition products shown to improve surgical outcomes, enhance wound healing and support a patient’s recovery from ICU and beyond.

Learn how surgical nutrition can help reduce surgical site infections, decrease complications and decrease LOS. Discover how targeted nutrition therapy can help patients recovering from wounds, burns, diabetic ulcers or surgeries and discuss resources available to support your patient’s from ICU and beyond discharge.





Julie Dragat MS, RD,
Therapeutic Nutrition Specialist
[email protected]


American College of Education is a sposnor of the ONL Annual Meeting

American College of Education

The American College of Education delivers high-quality, affordable and accessible CCNE Accredited Nursing programs grounded in evidence-based content and relevant application. We prepare graduates to serve, lead, and achieve personal and professional goals in diverse, evolving communities. For more information about our nursing programs, please visit or email Lauren Prieboy, Field Enrollment Specialist Healthcare and Nursing, at [email protected] to connect and learn more about our offerings!


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Laudio is critical infrastructure for the healthcare workforce. The platform provides CHROs, CNOs, and frontline leaders an integrated management system that fills the gap between information and action. With Laudio, health systems dramatically improve employee engagement, increase retention, and reduce burnout. The Laudio platform operationalizes proven leadership best practices and serves up proactive interventions for managers to engage with team members and address risk factors in real-time.  Leading health systems such as Tufts Medical Center, UNC Health, and Boston Medical Center use Laudio to save millions annually and to reduce turnover.


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 MGH is a proud sponsor of the ONL 2020 Annual Meeting             

MGH Institute of Health Professions 16 Month Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

Learn more about our 16 Month DNP Program at MGH Institute of Health Professions! Join a cohort of current and aspiring nurse leaders in this program designed for working professionals. We offer two program tracks including for nurse executives and advanced practice nurses. Hear directly from our Program Director and our Office of Admissions and ask any questions that you may have!





Margaret Hamilton Sipe DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAONL
Director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs, Associate Professor
[email protected]
MGH Institute of Health Professions


 RQI is a proud sponsor of the ONL 2020 Annual Meeting     

RQI Partners

RQI Partners, a partnership between the American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical, is dedicated to improving survival from cardiac arrest. In the United States, only 25 percent of patients survive an in-hospital cardiac arrest; just 10 percent survive out-of-hospital emergencies. High-quality CPR is the single highest determinant of survival from cardiac arrest. The RQI® digital portfolio of American Heart Association programs provides safe, distanced, and self-directed resuscitation education, ensuring continuity of education and quality improvement for high-quality CPR.





 Spacelabs Healthcare is a sponsor of the 2020 ONL Annual Meeting

Spacelabs Healthcare

How can you keep nurses safe from COVID, while enabling each bed to treat any patient at a moment's notice?

The Spacelabs universal patient monitor is the answer.

The Spacelabs universal patient monitor can flex in acuity to treat low acuity patients or critical care patients in the same day, while enabling remote patient monitoring to ensure nurse safety.

The Spacelabs discussion will focus on how universal patient monitoring solutions can help you drive clinical efficiency, increase patient throughput, and optimize resources to meet the changing needs of your patient population, while keeping your nurses safe.

Please email [email protected] to sign-up for the morning or afternoon session.


Spacelabs Brochure



 The Nash Group is a sponsor of teh ONL Annual Meeting

The Nash Group

All of us have seen the struggles that hospitals are facing with RN recruitment. Nash has been working with international RN placement for about 3 years. All is going well. Below is the content for our zoom session:

International RN recruitment as an on-going recruitment strategy

I’ll share our experience with placing experienced, BSN prepared nurses in acute care settings. Joining me is a recently placed RN. Together we’ll share the direct hire process, including timelines and outcomes.


Deborah A. Terry RN MSN SPHR
The Nash Group
5017 West 95th Street, Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Office: (847) 425-4783 ext. 5002 | Fax: (847) 945-3426 | Mobile: (708) 557-1940
[email protected] |


 Thomas Edison State University is a sponsor of the ONL 2020 Annual Meeting

Thomas Edison State University                                   

Thomas Edison State University, New Jersey’s leader in online education, offers more than 100 areas of study, including Arts & Sciences, Applied Science & Technology, Business &Management, Nursing and Public Service. We offer generous transfer credit, options to earn credit based on what you already know, and terms every month for associate and bachelor degree programs. Our master and doctoral degree programs are 100% ONLINE with no GRE or GMAT requirements and offered up to six (6) terms per year. Join us to learn more about how we can help you advance your career and change your world!


Learn more video:

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 Walden University is a proud sponsor of the ONL 2020 Annual Meeting

Walden University

Walden University is dedicated to the success of both nurses and healthcare facilities. An accredited institution, Walden has served the education needs of adult learners for 50 years. Today Walden offers a range of nursing degree options, including the CCNE-accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) Completion Program and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. With relevant coursework and extensive student support services, Walden produces more nurses with advanced degrees than any other university in the U.S.


*Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) IPEDS database. Retrieved July 2017, using CIP codes 51.3801 (Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse); 51.3808 (Nursing Science); 51.3818 (Nursing Practice). Includes 2016 preliminary data.
Walden University is a proud sponsor of the ONL 2021 Annual Meeting

At Walden, we understand that highly skilled professionals are critical to effective healthcare delivery and quality patient care. As an ONL member, you may be eligible to receive a 20% tuition reduction when you advance your education with Walden. Choose from more than 80 degree programs to help you meet your career goals. Visit or call 1-855-628-1499 to get started.

We at Walden wanted to thank ONL nurses for keeping us safe, now and always. Thank you for all you do.

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,




Nick Tsouroullis,
Senior Territory Manage
Healthcare Partnerships
[email protected]




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