The COVID-19 pandemic served as a stimulus to convene a taskforce co-led by the Organization of Nurse Leaders and the Massachusetts Rhode Island League for Nursing. The taskforce report is below and includes strategies that could be implemented between academic and practice partners to collaboratively support new nurses' transition into practice during the pandemic. 

Supporting New Nurse Transition into Practice During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Opportunities for Academic & Practice Nurse Educator Collaboration

New Nurse Transition Report

Resources that support the report recommendations are provided below and include preceptor development modules, and a schedule for virtual New Nurse Support Groups. The New Nurse Support Groups are meeting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the Summer of 2020. Information on the support groups is on the ONL homepage and on the calendar.

New Nurse Support Group Flyer

New Nurse Support Group Flyer

Unit Preceptor Capacity / Resource Gap Analysis Tool

Preceptor Gap Analysis Tool

Preceptor Development Module 1

Preceptor Development Module 1

Preceptor Guide CJM Questions

Preceptor Guide Ladder of Inference

Tanner_2006_think like a nurse


Preceptor Development Module 2

Preceptor Development Module 2






Preceptor Development Module 3

Preceptor Development Module Part 3


Altmiller_et_al_2018_Constructive Feedback Teaching Strategy

The Power of Stories

How Stories Change the Brain  Greater Good


Using Social Media: Communication tools to connect with peers, patients, employees and experts.  

Patient’s , Nurses and Hospitals use social media regularly, do you? ONL’s Nursing Informatics and Technology subcommittee offered this lecture  to explore how social media is utilized  and  introduce some of the most popular social media applications - Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  In addition to an overview of social media’s most popular app's, this lecture offers tips on "how to get started”, links to tutorials, examples of best practices and thoughts about using  social media in a professional practice environment.

Join presenter’s Jocelyn Strong MSN, RN, PCCN (Kronos) ,  Jennifer Ngure MSHI, RN, (Spaulding Rehabilitation Network), Stephanie Altavilla MSMI, RN, HACP (Boston Children’s Hospital) and Lee Williams PhD (c), RN (Boston Children’s Hospital) for this exciting lecture. 

Presentation Slides:  ONL Social Media Training Presentation

Video Presentation:  ONL Social Media Training Presentation



(Key Concepts: Consumer E-Health, Patient Health Record, ONC National Action Plan, Meaningful Use Stage 2, Blue Button)

Susan Hull MSN, RN,  , the CEO of Wellspring Consulting and  co-chair of the Alliance for Nursing Informatics Consumer e-Health Engagement Task Force, , provided this presentation.

Presentation Slides: E-Health Engaging Ourselves and Our Patients

Supporting New Nurse Transition into Practice During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Opportunities for Academic & Practice Nurse Educator Collaboration



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